• Linn Wold

Q&A, hurray!

Last week we put a call out on Instagram Stories for your questions for a future Q&A. And in a combination with the most frequently asked questions we get, we created this blog post for you.



What app/program do you use?

I’ve been using Corel Painter for the last 5 years, and I love it. Right now I am using the 2019 version. Corel is a bit expensive though, but provides you with a one month free trial. I also use Adobe Photoshop in a combination with Corel.

What medium to you use?

All the prints are digital, I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD drawing tablet. Afterwords they are carefully printed with ink on a large scale Gicleé printer. All posters from us is hand signed and with our embossed stamp.

When did you start doing art?

I’ve been doing drawing and painting since I was a kid, I also took art classes throughout school. I entered the digital world when studying graphic design.

Are your prints edited photographs or actual drawings?

I do not have one specific way to create them, some of them are total drawings, others have hints of elements that I have used Photoshop or Corel to create. Or elements from earlier created art prints. My style has developed through the years. Back in the days I was too proud to do anything else but draw them from scratch. Now I don’t have any problems with using different tools to help me to get the prints where I want them to be. My goal is to create killer unique art prints seen nowhere else. Art prints that people would love to have on their wall!

Who inspire you?

People would probably think I am all into art and knows the history behind every artist that has set foot in this world. That’s far away from the actual truth. I get inspired from fascinating people, nature, interior and in general social media. I rarely use other artists as inspiration, I try to follow my own path.

How long does it take for you to create a piece?

That depends. I can spend hours and hours figuring out what to do before I even start the actual piece. The benefits of doing everything digital is that it is so much easier to regret. I guess between 3-20 hours depending on work flow.

If I want to make a full time job out of selling posters, where should I start?

Create your online shop (Big Cartel was the first shop I used), get your own domain (free website domains look so unprofessional), get in contact with a local print house that can provide you with prints on demand, so you don’t need to stock up. Or if you have the possibility, buy your own printer. Pretend that you are the world champion in doing this, even though you don’t sell anything the first 6 months. If you believe it yourself, people will eventually follow.

And use Instagram and social media like crazy! Without Instagram I would probably be doing something totally different today.

And one more thing, use influencers to show off your products! They don't need to have thousands of followers, the important thing is if the people they reach out to has any value for you. And if they can provide you with some descent photos of your products.

Have you always had this particular style on your art?

Hah, no! Looking back at earlier things I’ve done is so hilarious. So people that are stressing because they haven’t found their style yet, don’t worry. You’ll get there!

(This is a gallery of previous made art prints. You can tell there has been a significantly change in style)

Do you do custom pieces? Is it the same price as your other art prints?

I usually don't do custom pieces, only if I got the time. If I where to do it, I need to justify the time spent doing it, and that I won't be able to sell it in larger quantum as I do with our other collections. So the price is by far not the same. You are welcome to drop us an e-mail with your request though, if you are interested in a one of a kind :)

Can you create other sizes of your prints than what's available in your shop?

Normally we don't, but it all depends on which prints, what sizes and what purpose.

When is your light boxes going to be released?

We are working on them throughout the summer, and hopefully we will release them in the start of autumn. We are so damn excited!

Do you ship to Dubai?

Of course, we ship worldwide ;)